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Canning Beef, Venison, Elk or Pork!

If you  have never canned meat how about trying it!  Canned meat is tender, convenient, it means you dont have to freeze the meat and if the lights go out, you are prepared for anything!  It tastes pretty good too.  Add to a soup, make a casserole, eat out of the jar!

If you don’t want to add the salt you don’t have to.  Its not in the recipe for preservation, just for taste.

Here is the recipe:


Beef, venison, elk or pork (just what you have available – no set amount for this recipe)
salt (optional)
Canning jars, lids and rings (quarts or pints)


  1. Trim the meat to remove excess fat and gristle.
  2. Slice into strips against the grain, and then cut into roughly 1″ cubes
  3. Place the cubes into a large stockpot and brown thoroughly on all sides. If your meat is especially lean, you may need to add a bit of fat (such as bacon grease, lard, or coconut oil) to the pan to prevent stickage.
  4. The goal here is to simply brown the cubes.
  5. Place the browned meat cubes into clean glass jars, leaving 1″ headspace. If using quart jars, add 1 teaspoon of salt. If using pint jars, add ½ teaspoon of salt.
  6. Pour water (how much you need will depend on how many jars you are canning) into the pot you used to brown the meat, and bring it to a boil. This will capture all the lovely bits from the bottom of the pot and create extra flavor.
  7. Ladle the boiling water over the meat in the jars, leaving 1″ headspace.
  8. Wipe the rims, adjust the lids/rings, and process in a steam pressure canner as follows:
  9. Pints: 75 minutes; quarts 90 Minutes
  10. Use 10 pounds of pressure, UNLESS you are 1,000 feet or more above sea level. If that is the case, increase to 15 pounds of pressure.

Enjoy this delicious meat!

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