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5 Easy Tips To Ensure Crunchy Fermented Cucumber Pickles

No More Mushy Pickles!  These 5 simple tips will ensure crunchy pickles


Many people who pickle often have a hard time making sure that the pickles are crunchy and not all mushy.  Its a common issue and it might take a bit of hitting and missing.  Here are 5 tips that will help to get crunchy pickles:

  1. Use small cucumbers. Make sure that the pickles you are using are specifically pickling cucumbers. The larger, fresh eating ones simply won’t cut it if you want to ensure a crunchy pickle.
  2. Use SUPER fresh cucumbers. As fresh as you can possibly find.
  3. Add tannins. This step is extremely important for ensuring crunchy pickles. You can find tannins in lots of different plants, but typically for making pickles I use use either a few fresh grape leaves or a 1/4-1/2 tsp black tea leaves for a quart-size jar.
  4. Use cold cucumbers. I’ve heard of people soaking their cucumbers in an ice bath before they ferment them. Even if you don’t go that far, just make sure that your pickles aren’t limp from being warm before you ferment them.
  5. Trim off the blossom ends of the cucumbers. You don’t need to trim off much, just the very tip. Why? On the blossom end of pickles there is an enzyme that can make the cucumbers slimy. I actually trim off both ends just for good measure.

I hope that you have great success in crunchy pickling 🙂

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