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From a Complete Newbie to a Confident Canner!

We have all  had to start somewhere!

But I bet you spent time when you were young watching your mom or grandma whipping up applesauce, jams and jellies, along with canning peaches and pears.  I used to help my mom and thats what got me started.  I loved the smell, how the house became filled with warmth and anticipation of whatever was being preserved.  And then through the winter opening the pantry to lots of home made yummies…

Maybe you had this experience too?

But for some canning is a whole new thing and something they would love to try but dont feel confident yet…Particularly with pressure canning – how many of us have felt intimidated by this very piece of equipment!

Here’s a lovely article I came across where the writer no longer fears canning – read her story and if you are a newbie I hope this helps you to take the plunge 🙂

From a Complete Newbie to a Confident Canner



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