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[VIDEO] Canning Meatloaf

Yum!  Love Meatloaf?  Here’s how to can it!

Use wide mouth pint for easy removal quarts will have to be cut into quarters to remove.

To make it even easier here’s the recipe:

This recipe is for 10 lbs ground beef to yield 5 quart 1 pint.
11 lb ground beef will yield 6 quart
1 quart fits 2 lb meat
4 ts garlic salt
2 ts paprika
1 ts pepper
3 ts hamburger delux spice
1 less egg than total pounds of meat  (eg for 11 pounds use 10 eggs)
1 1/2 cup ketchup
2 pkgs cracker crushed
push meat to side of jar,
make hole in middle fill up with more meat
give 1″ head space (below first line) and make divets in the center ~ to cook more evenly in center and allow grease to collect
don’t need to pre boil pressure canner
2 ” of water in canner process for 90 minutes at 10lbs of pressure



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