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Strawberry Pie Filling

You wont be able to read this recipe without going out to make it!

Delicious, exciting recipe.  Any excuse to make strawberry pie filling!  This is my absolute favorite – I love this time of year!

 You just need Strawberries, Sugar, lemon juice and Clear Gel.
Here’s the recipe:
Strawberry Pie Filling
Serves: 7 quarts
Makes 7 quarts
  • 6 quarts Fresh or thawed Strawberries
  • 6 cups Granulated sugar
  • 2-1/4 cup Clear Jel
  • 7 cups Cold water
  • ½ cup Bottled Lemon Juice
  1. Wash well and drain fruit in a covered bowl or pot. Combine sugar and Clear Jel in a large kettle. Stir. Add water and, if desired, food coloring. Cook on medium high heat until mixture thickens and begins to bubble. Add lemon juice and boil 1 minute, stirring constantly. Fold in drained berries immediately and fill jars with mixture without delay, leaving 1 inch head-space. Process in water bath for 30 minutes at a full rolling boil.
  2. Pour in a deep dish pie crust and bake until crust is golden brown. 425 for 15 minutes and reduce heat to 350 for 30 minutes.



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