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Hot & Spicy, Pickled Cauliflower!

The magic of hot and spicy cauliflower that the longer you leave them the more the flavor comes out.  If you dont like them too spicy, dont put in as many peppers, or if you really like that hot peppery flavor, add more.

If you are wondering what peppers to use, think about cayenne pepper, hungarian wax pepper, jalapeños, cherry bells, habaneros and you can also add in some carrots in thick slices for some lovely color and a bit of variety.

To make this delicious recipe you will need the following (expect to get around 6 Quarts).


2 medium heads cauliflower broken into bitesized pieces

6 banana peppers sliced or whole

6 cloves garlic peeled

3 teaspoons mustard seed

3 teaspoons whole black peppercorns

8 cups apple cider vinegar

8 cups filtered water

1 cup sea salt


Combine vinegar, water and sea salt in a pot and bring to a simmer

Pack sterilized jars with cauliflower, hot pepper, garlic clove, mustard seed and black peppercorns

Fill jars with hot brine, leaving 1/2 in headspace & remove air bubbles

Clean jar rims, and secure two-piece lids Process 10 minutes in a boiling water bath



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